Pottage Aberdeen Angus Herd in Pheasant Field

Home Farm - Pease Pottage

Our farm resides on the western side of the Sussex High Weald area, at Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage RH11 9AF, near Crawley West Sussex.

“Perched” on a hilly area, rising to about 450 feet above sea level. The land is typically sandy with clay, and is very acidic, freely growing Rhododendron ponticum.

The Home Farm is quite old, with some Sussex tile hung buildings, or shiplap panels.

The cattle sheds are modern with roof mounted solar panels, reducing green house gases.

The area used to be part of a larger estate, comprising 3 farmsteads, and a large country house that is now made in separate dwellings.

Other buildings have been updated and added to creating a “hamlet” environment.

Home Farm Hay Meadow